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Spitalfields Art 2020

Happy New Year! I hope the coming decade brings you happiness, lots of luck and joy!

New Website address

It is a new year and a new website for me - my new address is now:

Spitalfields Cards

I love the Spitalfields area of London and I am guilty of romanticising it at Christmas... the lampposts, door knockers and features from years gone by make me dream of what an eighteenth century Christmas would have been like. The door knockers make me think of Dickens 'Christmas Carol' and I feel like Jacob Marley may jump out at me if I dare to knock on one!

The houses in Spitalfields are a joy to paint at any time of the year and I will soon be releasing new blank greeting cards featuring my paintings of Dennis Severs house, Wiltons Music Hall, the corner of Wilkes Street where it meets Fournier Street, the Ten Bells pub and Elder Street with the blue Morris Minor car parked outside. See pictures that will be featured below.

What am I working on now?

Before the Whitechapel Bell Foundry closed I visited the chaps who worked there during their lunch break. We had an interesting chat about their individual family histories working at the foundry, some of their fathers and grandfathers had also worked there and I felt very sad that this wonderful place that meant so much to them was closing. I am currently painting a picture of the foundry workers having a break from work sitting inside the foundry - this is a challenging subject for me as I am not used to painting people, but I am enjoying it!

I have a long list of Spitalfields and East London pictures that I wish to paint and will keep you updated in my monthly newsletter. I will also feature details of London exhibitions that I visit during the year.

Best wishes,


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