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Doreen Fletcher - East

Today is sadly the last day of Doreen's superb exhibition 'East' which is on at Townhouse Spitalfields, 5 Fournier Street, London E1. This is the fifth time Doreen has exhibited at Townhouse, her first exhibition being 'Lost Time' in 2016.

Doreen is passionate about painting 'the almost gone' and has always shown concern for her immediate external environment and the traces left by people on the surface of things in both cities and landscapes (both urban and rural).

The gallery where Doreen's work is displayed looks like it may have caught measles as it is covered in red dots! Not only is Doreen's work fantastic she is a lovely person and I am very happy for her well deserved success. If you have not seen the exhibition and have time today I highly recommend a visit.

Doreen Fletcher, artist

Jo's diner, oil on canvas

Lost in Spitalfields, oil on canvas

French Riviera, oil on canvas

Theatre Royal, oil on canvas

Play Zone, oil on canvas

Pink Fiat, oil on canvas

Elegant Corner, oil on canvas

Capel Point, oil on canvas

Middlesex Street and Crossing, both oil on canvas

House of Hair

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