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A Spitalfields Christmas

I love Spitalfields and I love Christmas so every year I try to capture the festive feeling in paint and have those pictures printed on to fine art cards.

This year I painted a vintage Bentley that is often parked in Elder Street, E1 and for a bit of fun added a Christmas tree on it's roof! I also painted a Victorian style wreath that was on a door in Wilkes Street last year, not only did it look attractive it smelt divine. Seeing the lovely wreaths displayed on the 18th century doors has inspired me to try and make a wreath myself this year (watch this space!).

There are two neighbouring houses in Fournier Street that have red and green doors, so I painted these due to such festive colours being next door to each other. I had already painted the Ten Bells (on the corner of Fournier Street) and I added a snowman and some poinsettias to turn it into a fun festive scene.

I started painting Spitalfields Christmas scenes in 2017 and every year I cannot resist painting new festive pictures to add to my collection. The first Christmas scene I painted was Town House, Fournier Street which had a Christmas tree in front of it and every year since I've added a different Christmas themed item (a snowman, bells in the window and last year a Victorian lady sauntering past!). Over the years I have painted festive scenes featuring Dennis Severs House, Hawksmoor's Christ Church, the Whitechapel Bell Foundry, A. Gold, door knockers that remind me of 'A Christmas Carol' and Leadenhall Market (not technically in the Sptialfields area but it is from a similar era).

I would love to know what festive scene you would like to see added to the Spitalfields Christmas collection?

Wishing you a joyous, safe and healthy festive season.

Vintage Bentley, Elder Street, E1

Red and green doors, Fournier Street, E1

Christmas wreath, Wilkes Street door

The Ten Bells, Spitalfields

Town House, Fournier Street, E1

Hawksmoor's Christ Church, Spitalfields

Town House fireplace

Dennis Sever's house front door

Lion door knocker, Spitalfields

A Gold, Spitalfields

Hand door knocker, Spitalfields

Whitechapel Bell Foundry

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