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Elwin Hawthorn's 1930s photographs of London

The artist Elwin Hawthorn took many photographs of London and based some of his paintings on them. His son, of the same name, kindly shared some of his father's photographs with me which were taken during the 1930s. I am happy to say that Elwin gave me permission to include these lovely photographs in this blog post.

The scene below shows "The Widow's Son" pub in Devons Road, Bow E3 on the left and the church in the distance is All Hallows Church which was unfortunately bombed and demolished. The new All Hallows Church is located in the same place but it is a low level church and is not visible from this viewpoint.

Admiralty Arch below.

The photograph below is looking west towards the Guardian Angels church at 377 Mile End Road, E3. Elwin's father painted this scene and named it 'Guardian Angels'.

The Strand looks slightly different today, but here it is in the 1930s....

A foggy day during the 1930s in the Mile End Road, looking east towards Bow Road District Line station is below. I love the chap's bowler hat and the playful looking figure in the bottom right of the picture.

I believe the scene below to be Bow Church which is a few hundred yards east from Bow Road station and not far from the Nunnery Art Gallery. I love the buses and the lady's outfit who is pushing the pram (bottom right).

Tower Bridge in the 1930s....

Another one of Mile End Road looking west towards Guardian Angels Church, 377 Mile End Road, E3.

Two canal scenes which are probably at Stratford or Mile End....

This photo was the basis for Elwin's painting of 'Church Near Blackheath'. Blackheath Presbyterian Church 1887 was demolished in the mid 1960s and was located at Vanburgh Park, Jct. Mycenae Road. Blackheath High School is now located at this location.

This photo of Canonbury Grove, Highbury formed the basis of Elwin's painting of the same name.

The scene below is not in London, it is of the North Foreland Lighthouse and was used as the basis for Elwin's painting of the same name. The lighthouse is in Foreland Road, Broadstairs.

I really enjoyed seeing these photographs and I hope you do too.

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