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Elwin Hawthorne, East End artist Watercolour preparation work and lino cuts

Artist Elwin Hawthorne, who was part of the East London Group of painters, sometimes painted watercolour pictures as preparation work before painting the final scene with oil paints. Elwin's son, also named Elwin, has kindly allowed me to share some of his father's work with you. I asked Elwin if his father's watercolour work had been exhibited and he said that as far as he knows his father did not exhibit his watercolour paintings or lino cut work.

When Elwin (senior)'s contract with the fine art gallery Alex Reid & Lefevre ended Elwin (junior) believes that his father started doing lino cut work as a hobby. Pictures of some of Elwin Hawthorne's watercolour paintings and lino cut prints are below - I think they're splendid and I hope you enjoy them too.

Elwin Hawthorne watercolour - "Westminster"
Untitled still life watercolour painting by Elwin Hawthorne painted in 1928

The watercolour below is of Devons Road, Bow, E3 and is signed "To Lilian from Elwin", Lilian was Elwin's wife (what a romantic and sentimental gift!).

Elwin Hawthorne watercolour - "St Mark's Church, Victoria Park" signed 1929
Elwin Hawthorne - untitled and unsigned waterclour of Victoria Memorial - Buckingham Palace in Background
Elwin Hawthorne - untitled still life watercolour, signed 1928

Elwin Hawthorne lino cut - "Broadstairs"

Elwin Hawthorne lino cut - "Blue Bridge"

Elwin Hawthorne lino cut - "Ship"

Elwin Hawthorne lino cut - "Boat and Shoreline"

Elwin Hawthorne lino cut - "Orleston Road"

Elwin Hawthorne lino cut - unnamed

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