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Lady in red at Temple Underground station

I am a self taught artist and am always keen to try new challenges. I usually paint London buildings and am now introducing the people who live and visit London into my art work. My aim is to try and capture the energy of real people living and working in London in my paintings.

London Underground stations can be places of beauty and there is some stunning architecture in these buildings if you look hard enough. I was recently waiting for a tube train at Temple station and spotted a lady in red engrossed with her phone who had not noticed the approaching train. I love the art deco style columns at this station and her 1980s suit appealed to me, I also liked the way she was standing.

I used acrylic paint on canvas and found this piece challenging to paint due to the fact that it was a dark scene lit up with artificial light. I really enjoyed painting this and love the fact that the lady's outfit matches the approaching tube train. Below is the finished painting together with some work in progress pictures.

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