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New year, new art!

January was a cold month but there were days when the sun shone brightly on the streets of Spitalfields and I photographed some of my favourite places. I walked along the cobbles of Folgate Street, Elder Street, Fournier Street and Brick Lane. I had previously seen a pale turquoise Morris Minor in Elder Street but this time I spotted a vintage Bentley proudly parked there, how marvelous!

My favourite thing to paint is the 18th century houses that line the streets in this area and I am also interested in the preservation of other East End buildings such as shops, churches, pubs and factories. I visited the Whitechapel Bell Foundry workers in May 2018 before it was sadly closed and I am currently in the middle of painting the workers on their lunch break sitting inside their beloved foundry. Working in the foundry was so much more than just a job for the chaps who worked there, it was part of their family histories. It was a sad day when the foundry closed and I hope that a miracle can save it.

New blank greetings cards

I have ordered some larger than usual fine art blank greetings cards from my printer, they are A5 size and can also be framed. They feature one of my of Dennis Severs house paintings, Wiltons Music Hall, Wilkes Street (with Hawksmoor's Christ Church peeking around the corner), Elder Street and Wiltons Music hall. The cards will be available on my website in two weeks but in the meantime you can see my paintings that will be featured below.

Dennis Severs house
Wiltons Music Hall
Wilkes Street
Elder Street

I will keep you updated about what I am working on and will also let you know about any interesting art exhibitions that are showing in London. I recently visited the Royal Academy of Arts to see the Picasso and Paper exhibition which is on until 13 April 2020. This was a magnificent exhibition to visit and I was awestruck by the size of it. It explores his relationship with paper and I have featured some of my favourite pieces below. Enjoy!

Portrait of Francioise, Paris, 20 May 1946 - Pencil, coloured pencil and charcoal on wave paper
Dora Maar Seated 1938 - ink, gouache and oil paint on canvas
Study 'Three Women at the Fountain': Bust of Central Figure Fontainebleau 1921, red chalk & charcoal on wave paper
Head of a Man, Winter 1910-11 - Charcoal and pencil on wave paper

Examples of Picasso's sketch books:

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