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Town House Open - East End Art Exhibition

The Town House Open art exhibition starts on Saturday 12th September and will run until 25th October. Thirty artists will have one painting each on display and I am proud to say that my painting of 'The Star of the East' will be one of them. The exhibition is about the East End of London and all of the paintings are completely different, which for me is exciting and I cannot wait to see them all together. Work by Doreen Fletcher, Marc Gooderham, Richard Swallow, Isabella Dyson, Trevor Burgess, Jonathan Madden, Melissa Scott-Miller, Sarah Brownlee, Suzanne McGilloway, Steve Wilde, plus many more talented artists will be on show and I highly recommend a visit. If you cannot travel to London the exhibition will be online so everyone can take part. Town House is located at 5 Fournier Street, London, E1 in the Spitalfields area.

Star of the East, Commercial Road, E1 (copyright Julie Price) below.

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